My Own Wow Signals

On this page I present a collection of remarkable signals which I found during my calculations for SETI@home. Their graphics show strong signals in a bounded domain of the time-frequency coordinate plane whereas the rest of the plane is filled with noise. Thus they are similar to the Wow signal.

However the most of these signales are originated probably in a source on Earth. This assumption is based on the following facts:

  1. The signals possess Doppler drift rates near zero.
  2. The signals are very strong.
  3. The client program detects such a great number of interesting signals during the first minutes of the calculation that the program stops because of an overflow of the memory for the storage of interesting signals. Such a plenty of signals must have a source on Earth.

Click on the images to obtain details about the signals.

client image client image client image
name: 12jn02aa.22483.18530.661080.51 name: 30au03aa.14299.8737.636084.149 name: 19mr03aa.14140.13777.161082.186
client image
name: 28ja00ab.8459.15794.823572.0

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Bernd Fiedler, 11.09.2022