Work Unit 19mr03aa.14140.13777.161082.186

The following work unit contains a strong Earth based signal which becomes visible only if the Doppler drift rate is equal to zero. Already a small deviation of the Doppler drift rate from zero leads to a vanishing of the structure of the signal.

We detected 56 peaks with power between 22.206 and 45.389 when the Doppler drift rate lay in the range between 0.0 Hz/sec and 0.1183 Hz/sec. Other types of signals (Gaussians, pulses, triplets) were not found in this range.

The origin of the signals is certainly a source on Earth because we have Doppler drift rates near zero.

Signal number strongest signal
Gaussians 0    
pulses 0    
triplets 0    
spikes 133 max. power: 48.115 drift rate: -0.0129 Hz/s
Overflow no    


client image
CPU time: 0h 0m 3.0s,   Doppler drift rate: 0.0 Hz/s
client image
CPU time: 0h 2m 4.2s,   Doppler drift rate: 0.0018 Hz/s
client image
CPU time: 0h 2m 16.0s,   Doppler drift rate: 0.0074 Hz/s
client image
CPU time: 0h 2m 26.3s,   Doppler drift rate: 0.0129 Hz/s


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