Work Unit 12jn02aa.22483.18530.661080.51

The work unit presented on this page contains strong signals in the left part of the coordinate plane whereas the rest of the plane is filled with noise. The calculation time for this work unit amounted only to 3 minutes 20.7 seconds. Then the calculation stopped because of an overflow of the memory capacity which the client program provides for the storage of interesting signals. The calculation found 204 peaks and 1 pulse. The third image shows a step in the area of the noise.

The origin of the signals is certainly a source on Earth because we have Doppler drift rates near zero.

Signal number strongest signal
Gaussians 0    
pulses 1 max. score: 1.139 drift rate: 0 Hz/s
triplets 0    
spikes 204 max. power: 89.945 drift rate: 0 Hz/s
Overflow after 3m 20.7s    


client image
CPU time: 0h 2m 12.0s,   Doppler drift rate: 0.0111 Hz/s
client image
CPU time: 0h 2m 43.8s,   Doppler drift rate: 0.0314 Hz/s
client image
CPU time: 0h 3m 1.1s,   Doppler drift rate: 0.0425 Hz/s
client image
CPU time: 0h 3m 20.7s,   Doppler drift rate: 0.0536 Hz/s   (stop of the calculation)

The seeming origin of the signals is a point in the constellation Orion (denote by "ESIG series").

star map

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