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VECTAN 1.1 is a Mathematica package for doing calculations of vector analysis. It can be applied to manipulate expressions, which are built from vector fields and functions by means of grad, rot, div, dot, the scalar product, the vector product and the scalar triple product. VECTAN does not consider the explicite dependence of vector fields and functions on variables t, x1, x2, x3.
Please read the description of the program which can be found here or in the source archive of VECTAN. Extensive calculations have been performed by means of VECTAN in investigations, the results of which are presented in the paper

H.-P. Gittel, J. Kijowski, E. Zeidler, The relativistic dynamics of the combined particle-field system in renormalized classical electrodynamics, Commun. Math. Phys. 198, 711 - 736 (1998).


VECTAN can be obtained from this page and from MathSource, Wolfram Research Inc. The following description is related to the archive of the VECTAN home page.

The VECTAN sources, v1.1 are available as a gzipped tar file (49k). The archive can be unpacked by

1. gunzip vecttar.gz
2. mv vecttar vect.tar
3. tar -xf vect.tar.

All archived files *.m and *.ger are MS-DOS files with line end 0D 0A. They possibly have to be converted by means of suitable tools (e.g 'fromdos' in Linux) if you wish to use these files under another operating system.
Further, the archive containes a short description of VECTAN in a PostScript file


VECTAN can be installed by the following steps:

1. Copy all files *.m to a working directory of an arbitrary name, e.g. 'vectan'.
2. Change in the directory 'vectan' and run Mathematica.
3. Load VECTAN by means of the command Get["vectan.m"].

More informations are given in the second section of

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