Combinatorial treatment of a normal form problem of vector analysis

B. Fiedler 
Eichelbaumstr. 13, D-04249 Leipzig

Talk for SLC46, Lyon, March, 2001


On this page I present a talk about the above normal form problem of vector analysis. I gave this talk at the 46th Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, Lyon, March 2001. You can download GZ-archives of the following PS-files:

A view of the contents can be found on the following slides:

  • Slide 2: The normal form problem
  • Slide 3: Basic definitions
  • Slide 5: A theorem about standard expressions
  • Slide 6: Tensorial notations of the standard expressions
  • Slide 7: The determination of identities
  • Slide 12: The procedure of the computer calculations
  • Slide 13: The reduction of costs in the case of an odd number of vectors
  • Slide 14: A table of the results
  • Slide 15: Examples of identities.

A more detailed table of the results is contained in the list of tables on my home page. A summary of facts from my Habilitationsschrift can be found in the paper B45g of the Proceedings of the Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire.

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