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My Mathematica package PERMS 2.1  is a collection of tools  for investigations of permutation groups and for doing calculations in the representation theory of symmetric groups. It comprises:

The tables presented on my home page were calculated by means of PERMS.

The following description of the package is a part of my postdoctoral thesis. You can read a HTML version of the description or download a gziped PostScript file. The HTML version is not legible under the Netscape Communicator 2.x since certain fonts can not be used. If a later version of the Netscape Communicator does not yield a correct result, then modify the entries of your files .Xdefaults or .Xresources by means of the instructions of Ian Hutchinson.

Examples of calculations by means of PERMS can be found on the PERMS notebook page.

I plan to publish PERMS in the server MathSource, Wolfram Research Inc.

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B. Fiedler, 03.09.2022