Mathematica Animations

List of Animations

This page contains archives of Mathematica animations given by their sequence of pictures. The pictures are stored in Mathematica-PostScript files. These archives were generated under Mathematica 2.x and, at the moment, we describe only the use of these archives under Mathematica 2.x.
Click the film  to see a GIF animation of the object.
Click the sign  to see a LiveGraphics3D representation of the object.

The animations contained in the list above are given in archives *tar.gz. Such an archive nametar.gz can be unpacked by

1. gunzip nametar.gz
2. mv nametar name.tar
3. tar -xf name.tar.

All archived files are MS-DOS files with line end 0D 0A. They possibly have to be converted by means of suitable tools (e.g 'fromdos' in Linux) if you wish to use these files under another operating system.
Every archive containes a set of files x1, x2, x3,.... The pictures of the animation are stored in these files in Mathematica-PostScript-Format. The final animation has to create from these files by means of the tools for animation generating, which are included in the Mathematica version of the user. For example, the creation of an animation for Mathematica 2.1 on a MS-DOS PC can be done by

msdosps -device vgahi -animate file.ani

where file.ani is a text file which contains the names x1, x2, x3,... of the picture files of the animation. In this case, the result is the animation file.ani, which overwrites the old file file.ani.
If the user PC has only a small RAM, a short animation can be produced from the pictures x1, x2, ... by using only every second or every third picture of the picture sequence.
Here we give some tools for the creation of the animations on several computer platforms.

Generating of the final animations


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